How To Use Clomid

We’re now going to explain how to effectively use clomid, and how it interacts with the various different steroid varieties / how it might enhance their effects.

Let’s start with observing its purpose as part of a PCT phase.

How Clomid Aids Recovery In Between Cycles

Clomid is an excellent post cycle recovery agent and can serve as the perfect means to “bridge” the gap in between steroid cycles.

This is due to the manner in which it encourages the body to start “naturally” producing testosterone again - should no protection be implemented at this crucial stage, this would mean that the body’s levels of testosterone would remain in a diminished state over an elongated period of time.

Incorporating clomid means that those levels should theoretically never dip; as such, it’s possible to continue using steroids in an alternating cycle fashion throughout the year without your organic testosterone base suffering greatly for it.

This will only be the case however if you use a product like clomid; otherwise, your levels are likely to be severely diminished.

Recommended Dose

How much of this product you need to implement is largely going to depend on how you plan to use it - PCT and intra cycle treatments require different intake levels.

Those who are utilising clomid for intra cycle protection against estrogenic issues / testosterone production maintenance will see favourable results from an intake of roughly 50mg per day.

Those who wish to use clomid for post cycle therapy will need to hold their intake at roughly 150mg per day for a two week period, followed by 100mg during the third week, 50mg during the fourth week, then a final taper of just 10mg per day to “gently” restore the body’s natural processes.

Should I Use Oral Or Injectable Clomid?

Believe it or not, you can actually acquire liquid clomid.

This liquified version is actually supposed to be administered orally as per the pills, though it obviously needs to be squirted / shot into the mouth as opposed to being drunk.

Due to its liquid form, some people choose to inject it, believing this will be more effective.

Reasons Why Clomid Should Never Be Injected


There are several reasons why clomid should never be injected including, but not limited to:

  • It’s sterility cannot be guaranteed presenting a high risk of infection
  • It is not designed to be administered in this fashion, thus rendering its effectiveness obsolete
  • It may be difficult to gauge doses

These three reasons alone (especially the second) are enough to warrant you never utilising clomid in this fashion.

Please bear all of the above elements in mind before you consider using a liquid version of clomiphene.

Clomid In Musculation

Some people theorise that clomid can be used to build muscle (for much the same reason as we explained its benefits regarding nitrogen retention), and on paper at least, this concept makes rational sense.

How effective is it in this capacity, if at all though?

Can Clomid Be Used To Build Muscle?


We’ll start by saying that any elevation of testosterone is likely to enhance one’s ability to develop advanced musculature, but this is always going to depend entirely on the levels of testosterone available in the body.

Whereas anabolic steroids are capable of creating an enormous surge in androgen levels, clomid doesn’t possess the ability to elevate them in quite the same capacity.

We must use the term “boost” loosely in relation to clomid too. This is because what could be perceived as a boost in levels is actually more akin to the elevation of testosterone to its “normal” levels.

Because steroids suppress our natural capacity to produce testosterone, this means that, basically, the boost provided by clomid only really serves to boost this hormone up to the level it should be at normally, as opposed to allowing our body to exceed these levels as per a steroid.

Why Clomid Is Used Exclusively As A SERM

The simple truth is that clomid doesn’t pack a powerful enough anabolic punch to be used for any other purpose than protection against estrogenic activity. Whilst it can effectively help the user to retain muscle mass and even dry out their appearance towards the end of a cut, it isn’t going to be able to offer much by the way of a growth boost.

You should stick to using this product for its primary intended purpose rather than trying to experiment and potentially wasting a great deal of money and time.

Even the muscular retention it offers the user only occurs because testosterone levels are kept within their “normal” range as opposed to being diminished - not because levels are “elevated.” As previously mentioned, a “boost” is all about perspective; the boost provided here is negligible for muscle gain goals.

When To Use Clomid

Knowing the right time to utilise clomid for PCT can be seriously tricky - its introduction needs to be timed with falling androgen levels, and in order to do that, you need to have an idea about the active / half life of the steroids you are using.

Obviously, whilst steroids are present, androgen levels are going to be high; once we stop using them however, these levels begin to drop meaning that we have to persuade the body to elevate them again.

The key to doing this successfully is knowing at which point these levels are going to drop - this in turn relates to the active / half life of the product we’re using.

Matching Clomid Use To Falling Androgen Levels

The following list provides a clear overview of the various different steroid types and their active life within the body.
Once this active life has come to an end, you are then free to proceed with clomid utilisation:

  • Anadrol - 24 hours after your last administration
  • Deca - 21 days after your last administration
  • Dianabol - 24 hours after your last administration
  • Equipoise - 21 days after your last administration
  • Trenbolone - 3 days after your last administration
  • Primobolan - 14 days after your last administration
  • Sustanon - 18 days after your last administration
  • Testosterone Cypionate - 18 days after your last administration
  • Testosterone Enanthate - 14 days after your last administration
  • Testosterone Propionate - 3 days after your last administration
  • Testosterone Suspension - 24 hours after your last administration
  • Winstrol - 24 hours after your last administration